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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Concentrates that ECO YARD GUARD uses  safe for my children, pets, and the environment?
Yes! There are no poisons or harmful chemicals in any of our Barrier Sprays. Just Natural ingredients such as garlic juice, mint, rosemary, peppermint oils, white pepper, putrescents and some food grade preservatives added.

Are they harmful to beneficials like birds, bees, ladybugs and butterflies?
No, not at all. Birds, bees and ladybugs are not bothered by the sprays. Butterflies are not bothered by the spray either as long as it is not sprayed on them directly.

I see several other yard barrier sprays that have Permetherin in them which is used to kill mosquitoes. Is it safe?
Permetherin has been licensed by the EPA since 1977 and has a few warnings in its use: It kills bees and fish and many beneficial insects. It cannot be sprayed near streams, lakes, fish ponds, etc. Many sellers of products containing this chemical are often shy about telling consumers about what all it kills aside from mosquitoes.

Do you have a License with the E.P.A?
No, we are not required to hold a license because we are applying All Natural concentrates that need no special protection to apply and are SAFE for the Environment and PESTICIDE FREE.

If it rains after the property was sprayed does it need to be reapplied?
It takes about 30 minutes for the sticker agents to adhere and dry ready to protect. If there is a sudden heavy rain, as can happen, especially with these unpredictable weather patterns, then some of the application may wear off. But the sticker agents will remain and still repel.

If I protect my yard, but my neighbors are not, will they see more pest presence from being untreated?
Yes, if they are not protected a mosquito or deer that steers away from your yard will be likely to wander into their yard to explore. The Deer will recognize your yard is protected when they go to eat and will leave. They are creatures of habit and after trying to taste the unappealing greenery enough times will look elsewhere.  All mosquito and larvae that have been sprayed in your yard will cease to exist, but a neighbor who has not protected their yard could create a few wanderers to feast on your family before landing on a treated area. So the best way to ensure the maximum defense is to talk your surrounding neighbors to get protected to minimize the presence all together.

Is there a smell after the concentrates have been applied that we should be worried about or is unpleasant?
Yes, there will be a slight smell to the air from the All Natural concentrates. For Mosquito/Tick barriers there will be a slight smell of Garlic for about 2 hours after application. For Deer/Squirrel/Geese barriers there will be a Minty smell left behind for a couple of hours. Sometimes they dissipate sooner based on the wind movement and humidity. But who would mind the occasional whiff of Garlic and Mint! REFRESHING!

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