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“After Super Storm Sandy we were experiencing an excessive amount of mosquitos on our playground. We are always looking for environmentally safe ways to combat this problem. Ecoyardguard came and sprayed both our playgrounds and within a day we noticed a significant decrease in the amount of mosquitos. Thank you Joe for helping keep The Giving Nest children safe!”
* M. Frank The Giving Nest Schools
“It seems the sprayed area pushed some of the ticks away from the towers. If we are able to reduce the amount of ticks in the area it will help reduce employee exposure”
Transmission Supervisor- PSE&G
For the last couple of years we have dealt with mosquitoes and flea to the point that it became unbearable. We tried multiple sprays, chemicals and companies yet all we had gotten in return was temporary relief, with the end result always being that these pests would return. After hearing about Eco Yard Guard, we decided to give them a shot, especially since we were tired of using harmful chemicals and wasting money hand over fist. After the first treatment of our yard, we noticed a dramatic improvement, and it made a huge difference in the amount of mosquitos and fleas in our yard and on our dogs. After working with the very helpful gentlemen from Eco Yard Guard, they recommended we have the yard sprayed one more time three weeks after the initial spray, and I am extremely happy to report we have not had a single flea or mosquito since. Joe, the owner was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about his product, and reassured me that it is 100% organic and natural and safe for both my family and pets. I highly recommend Eco Yard Guard to anyone, and have turned them onto my neighbors, who like me, have been thrilled with the results. Thank you very much Joe, and thank you Eco Yard Guard.
The Fourre Family – Green Brook NJ
Spending time in my yard is very important to me and the mosquito population can make it very difficult to enjoy the outdoors. I met Joe two years ago and learned about his company EcoYard Guard and the natural spray he was using to repel mosquitoes. That year my area was invaded by mosquitoes. I could not be outside for more than a minute without being attacked, day or night. After just the first application there was a big improvement and after a second application a few weeks later I was able to enjoy my yard again. I had my yard sprayed last summer as well and was very happy with the results. I really like that the spray is all nature so it won't harm the environment and most importantly it is very safe for my dog. Joe is really great to work with too. There is no contract he lets you decide when you would like another application and is there when you are ready. I will be using Eco Yard Guard again this summer. Good-bye mosquitoes!
Stacey - Millstone

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